About Jack+Jules


We’re two business-partners turned friends, each born with a gypsy spirit, who came to Australia to make a home for ourselves in this beautiful country. Meeting several years ago in Melbourne, we recognised in each other a kindred soul. 



Coming from America, we both grew up in a culture that celebrated traditions, often to the extreme! But we also understood that traditions bring people together. As our society grows more fast-paced, we are growing apart from each other. It is easy to fall into the routine of the everyday. We wanted to create something that reminded people to celebrate each day with the ones they care about.



We are also minimalists in that neither of us like clutter or the accumulation of unnecessary stuff. It was important to us to create something that was as useful as it was fashionable. That’s why we created bags that fit an active lifestyle. Our bags are well made so they can be used over and over and over again.



From these beginnings, Jack + Jules became a reality, as a manufacturer of quality, lifestyle bags. Functional with a fashionable flair, a Jack+Jules bag helps you celebrate the everyday, as well as any adventures that come your way.


Behind the scenes update of the Jack+Jules brand.  Business as usual but Julie has now stepped away from the business. So Jackie is now the sole owner and will continue to grow and expand the Jack+Jules brand.