Reusable market bag for shopping in charcoal
Reusable shopping market bag in charcoal

Six-Pack - Charcoal (See below for current availability)


We've sold out of the Charcoal 6-Pack but don't worry, we've reordered! However, we hate to disappoint anyone so until they get here, you have two choices:


1) Go ahead and order a set and we'll instead send you two 3-packs in Charcoal for the same price as a 6-pack! 


2) Send us an email at with 6-PACK in the Subject Line and not only will we send you an email when they are back in stock, we'll send you a 15% off coupon!

Happy Shopping!



Our Six-Pack Market Bag Set in Charcoal includes six, strong, sustainable, reusable bags in a convenient pouch (enough for a whole shopping trolley of groceries). Each pouch contains six nylon, washable bags in a variety of colours. The bags expand at the base for easy packing and can be stuffed easily back into their pouch. Extremely durable and washable, they also contain minor spills (handy when that jar of olives open before you get home). 

Being eco-friendly has never been so easy or so fashionable.