The Results are In!

Reusable shopping bag, Jack+Jules

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who responded to our earlier questions about reusable bags! From your answers we learnt the following: 

  • 65% of you use reusable bags (Well done!)
  • 53% of all respondents sometimes forget their bags (you are so not alone here…);

Out of those that use reusable bags:

  • 26% like bags that are easy to carry;
  • 31% prefer bags that are easy to pack and many mentioned a preference for bags with a flat bottom;
  • 19% are looking for bags that are sturdy and fit a LOT; and
  • 4% mentioned they want bags that are easy to clean.

Of those of you that don’t use reusable bags, one of you mentioned laziness and one of you very honestly admitted that you only bring your own bags if you’ll be charged otherwise (we do admire your focus on the bottom line!).

Don’t be so hard on yourselves! Changing ingrained habits is never easy, but we think it's easier when done with colour and style.

A lot of what we read was similar to our own thoughts. We both have had a collection of reusable bags that we sometimes remembered to bring to shops. Some had square bottoms that made them easy to pack, but were bulky to carry. Some were falling apart after a few uses, especially after we threw them in the wash. Really, we just wanted an easy alternative that looked good, worked well and that we could feel good about.

We think our Market Bags fit the bill- easy to carry in packs of 3- or 6-, easy to clean, and sturdy enough to carry up to 10 kg/22 lbs each. They have a pleated bottom which means they widen at the bottom but easily roll back up into their drawstring bags.

So thank you- your responses clarified our own thoughts as we move closer to our launch, which is right around the corner (can you feel the excitement over here?)

See you soon!


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Something to Share with You...

Hi all!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our last post!

Your comments were extremely helpful and gave us great insight into what you think about reusable bags. We'll be answering your questions shortly, but until then, we wanted to share with you the information above. You see, when we first started on this journey, we only wanted to add some convenience to your life (and a shot of colour as well). 

We didn't set out to become environmentalists, but as we researched we found out more and more just how bad plastic bags are for the environment and our health (did you know that plastic bags break down into microscopic particles in the ocean that end up in our food sources? Yuck...).

So, consider this our gift to you as we work toward our upcoming online launch. 

See you soon!

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Can you help?


We’re really close to launching our online store!

This journey started eleven months ago with a bottle of chardonnay and what we like to think was a dare to ourselves: How can we make 2015 different?

We decided to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and create a business (it might have been easier if we had just had one less glass!)

We think we’ve come up with a product that is simple, useful and perfect for anyone concerned about the environment.

However, we need your help as we finalize our launch. Please take a minute to answer the following two questions in the comments below:

  1. Do you use reusable bags when you shop?
  2. If you do, what bags do you usually reach for? If you don’t use reusable bags, why not?

Thank you so much!


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