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How to Get Out of a Slump (Hint: Let's Play)

Jack+Jules beach scene, let's play

We’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. You’re probably not supposed to let people know that when you are working on a business, but it’s the truth. Being an entrepreneur is hard work and there are weeks- months- where it’s just an uphill slog with nary a win.

So the other morning, we made a change. Instead of meeting at the office, we met down at the beach, hired a couple of stand-up paddleboards and headed out on the water. And while we did discuss some business points while on the boards, mainly we laughed or just took in the clear blue sky and the light shimmering on the water.

Now back in the office and while we still have the same issues in front of us, they’re not as insurmountable anymore. As adults, we easily forget how important it is to inject a little play into our work life. We all get into a rut now and again, but rather than figuring out what isn’t working, it’s common to think that if we just work harder, we will succeed.

We’re not saying you need a nearby ocean and a stand up paddleboard to get your mojo back (though they certainly can’t hurt), but taking the time to shake up your routine and get a little silly provides that breathing space to reassess things. At least that’s what we’re trying and so far, it seems to be working. And as long as the weather remains beautiful, we’ll keep telling ourselves that.

See you on the water.

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