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This past Thursday, Thanksgiving was celebrated in the United States. And in a few places outside of the United States. 

As American transplants to Australia, we both claim Thanksgiving as our favourite holiday for its simplicity: a day to gather with friends and family, eat traditional foods and be grateful. 

No gifts, no special decorations, few expectations other than a turkey and some side dishes. If there's pie for dessert, you've hit the jackpot.

As we are still feeling the afterglow of Thanksgiving, we present to you the Jack+Jules' list of reasons to give thanks:

1) Pie. It may sound trivial, but everything really is a bit better when pie is involved;

2) Traditions. They bring us together with the ones we love. Don't have any traditions? Create your own, and they don't have to, traditional. How about Spaghetti Night Fridays? Or Australia Day Pancake breakfasts?

3) Coffee. If you think you know coffee and haven't been to Melbourne, think again. We still have a special place in our hearts for our Starbucks, but our barista brew is what gets us in front of our computers each morning.

4) Travel. It's a big, big, big world out there and there's lots to see. You needn't go far, but keep those eyes open and get those boots walking. You'll be richer for it. 

5) Our Loved Ones. Both near and far (and thank you Skype/Viber/WhatsApp/etc... for making it that much easier to keep in touch across the miles). 

On that note, we're off to check some travel sites to plan our next trip to visit some loved ones. We'll probably have some pie and coffee with them.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone,


Give Thanks Thanksgiving

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