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Hi all!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our last post!

Your comments were extremely helpful and gave us great insight into what you think about reusable bags. We'll be answering your questions shortly, but until then, we wanted to share with you the information above. You see, when we first started on this journey, we only wanted to add some convenience to your life (and a shot of colour as well). 

We didn't set out to become environmentalists, but as we researched we found out more and more just how bad plastic bags are for the environment and our health (did you know that plastic bags break down into microscopic particles in the ocean that end up in our food sources? Yuck...).

So, consider this our gift to you as we work toward our upcoming online launch. 

See you soon!

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  • Nothing short of excellence that’d I’d expect from you guys. Well done…and you’re only just beginning.
    Andrea – Nasville, TN

    Andrea C on

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