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We’re really close to launching our online store!

This journey started eleven months ago with a bottle of chardonnay and what we like to think was a dare to ourselves: How can we make 2015 different?

We decided to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and create a business (it might have been easier if we had just had one less glass!)

We think we’ve come up with a product that is simple, useful and perfect for anyone concerned about the environment.

However, we need your help as we finalize our launch. Please take a minute to answer the following two questions in the comments below:

  1. Do you use reusable bags when you shop?
  2. If you do, what bags do you usually reach for? If you don’t use reusable bags, why not?

Thank you so much!


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Market Bags Online launch

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  • Yes- I use bags but sometimes I forget to put them back into my car and then I’m at the store and don’t have my recycle bags. I use ones I’ve bought from Trader Joes, Publix, adidas, whole foods. One of mine keeps food cold which I like and wish I had another. I know that plastic bags are killing our marine life and do I do want to do my part to make a difference and impart that on our kids.

    Andrea C -,Nashville on
  • I use reusable bags all the time. I keep a stack them in the back of my van. I kick myself when I forget to bring them into a grocery store bc I do not like all the plastic bags that end up at my house then. The cashiers at Walmart love me bc I bring my own bags and bag my items myself. I have my own system. I even have a reusable cooler bag in my trunk to keep meat, frozen items safe if I know I’m not heading right home.
    I also use reusable bags to tote things to and from meetings, events, school, friends homes…

    Good Luck!!

    Chriisty on
  • Hello – yes I use reusable bags all the time and they are mainly from community events,coles bags and bags that I have inherited from kinders / work expo’s….. I like the bags that have a flat bottom with a hardened piece for stacking and coles have a cooler bag for my freezer stuff. I think the benefit of your bags is to have in the car for when I have incidental shopping (which is often)!!! So great product!! I think for me they make a great adjunct!!

    Sarah on
  • I always forget to bring the reusable bags into the grocery store, but i use them all the time around the house and for other reasons…going to friends for dinner and bringing over a dish or snack to share, storing things, taking the kids to their school as a “tote” are just a few ways I use them! the ones that i intend to use at trader joes always sit in the back of my car bc i forget to grab!

    Christy on
  • Hi Jules, I don’t use reusable bags coz quite frankly I can’t be bothered with the hassle of keeping them in the car all the time, dragging them around the shops, etc. yep, pure laziness. Hope my brutal honesty helps, somehow! Btw, love the new biz and logo! I WOULD buy your bags!

    Andy Hilson on

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