How To Use a Jack+Jules Market Bag (the Shopping Edition)

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We’ve all been there. You walk into the shops and (smack hand to forehead), remember that your reusable bags are back in the car. You might trek back through the parking lot… or you might just grab a plastic bag and mutter something about remembering next time.

Habits are hard to change, so to help anyone who has struggled with this, we’ve produced a handy, how-to-guide:

Step 1: Purchase a set of bags. Consider your shopping habits and the number of people for whom you shop. Several shops and 1-3 people? A 3-pack should suit. A large weekly shop and a family of four or more? You may want to consider the 6-pack. If you’re shopping for more than six people, then bless you… you have our admiration.

Step 2: Give your bags a home. Do you drive to the shops? Then leave them in your car, preferably where you can see them/reach them easily. Personally, we keep ours in the cup holder in the door next to the driver’s seat where they’re easy to grab. Are you a walker? Then leave them by the front door.

Step 3: Use them. Fill them up- they’re incredibly strong. Politely decline that plastic bag for the watermelon or the steak. Should anything leak, our bags will absorb small amounts of liquid and can be thrown straight into the washing machine. You may have to tell the baggers at the register to load them up- they may be used to wimpy, one-use disposable plastic bags.

Step 4: Return them. To their new home, that is. When you’ve unpacked your bags, stuff them back in their sack and place them back in their home. If you keep them in your car, hang them on your front doorknob to remind you to take them back to the car on your next trip out.

They say it takes 66 days to form a new habit. With these hints, we think it’s in the bag.

See you at the shops!


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